My name is Marina Arshavsky Rosental and I am market oriented professional, experienced in leading long-term projects in various fields. During more than 20 years of working with different industries, I have gained broad experience in all business management aspects – marketing, sales, business development, procurement, and supply, including contracts and negotiations.

In my work I love the most working with people from around the world, different cultures, different approaches, sometimes different life values. I like listen to diverse opinions.  Any new communication goes both ways – not only me striving to assist with a challenge, but I also open my mind and my heart to different perceptions.

My day is enlightened with any new challenge and it brings me the greatest satisfaction when I succeed to find efficient and creative solutions.

While making decisions I rely on facts and figures, but I also see through the numbers real people, considering the actual needs and wishes, analyzing the situation, in order to find the best tailored solution for the organization.

I believe that good planning goes first, concrete goals have to be set and once the goal is set – I strive to reach it.

Transparent communication is very important. Playing with all the cards open on the table creates positive communication and encourages more productive environment and therefore – RESULTS.

In my opinion, collaborations can be very efficient, therefore I work together with like-minded professionals, who supplement me with their expertise and together we can provide a holistic solution for any company.-

Together we will BEEP up your business idea and stimulate the growth of your company!

My motivation

Many entrepreneurs with great ideas and ambition are forced at the end to leave the idea behind and to continue with their “ordinary” life, just because they do not know where to start, how to bring the idea into life and what actually is needed to do so. I wish to be that whispering voice which can wake him/her up and to energize the whole process.

I have also seen many companies giving up and closing down, just because they do not know what tools they need to stimulate the sustainable growth and expansion of their business. And this situation is really sad to see, since talented people in their field sometimes just need a small push in a right direction, guidance in marketing and sales, assistance in right connections and collaborations… Only a small change can bring their business to new heights!

My diverse expertise in different business angles can assist in just making the things happen.

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